Priority Projects

Priority projects focus on economic, fiscal and social issues of importance to the North. Past priority projects have included such issues as: northern awareness, transportation, research and innovation, and the recruitment and retention of skilled labour. Priority project topic areas are selected by Ministers, and it is the responsibility of the Senior Officials Working Group (SOWG) to determine the best possible way to convey the results of the research associated with the priority project i.e. research paper, panel presentation, etc.

Examples of past priority projects include:

  • Changing Northern Economies, Helping Northern Communities Build a Sustainable Future
  • Northern Infrastructure
  • Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Success Factors and Challenges
  • Maximizing the Economic and Social Impacts of Major Northern Projects
  • Knowledge North
  • Innovation and Science: Using the Innovation Agenda for Northern Development

To access the NDMF deliverables associated with these past priority project areas visit the LIBRARY section of this website.